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Starship Fonzie Podcast

Jul 25, 2021

The Steampunks and a nice trip up north, Odyssey Con in Madison shuts down permanently, new Star Trek movie coming, Happy New Year, Dune pushed back AGAIN, Isabel Fall is up for a Hugo after all, Teal'c plays T'Challa, Ursula K. LeGuin is on a stamp, Octavia Butler's "Kindred" is headed to FX, and who cares about...

Jul 5, 2021

Interview with Meg Elison!

New website! Harrison's hurt again. Blow up over Boba Fett's ship. Bill Lawhorn replaced by Mary Robinette Kowal. New book by LeVar Burton. Ray Bradbury exhibit in Chicago. Locus Awards! Mur Lafferty gets poured a cold one. And.... another song parody.